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National Association Of Jewelry Appraisers and GIA Alumni Member

Insurance Replacement Appraisals

Purpose: A replacement value report is used by your insurance company to provide descriptive and value information to insure your jewelry items against loss or damage.

Fees: We offer a fun and interactive experience while you wait.  We will determine which type of appraisal is appropriate for your situation, and you will be given a detailed description of each item including the 4 C’s for diamond jewelry when your appraisal is completed. Verbal appraisals start at $50.

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Why we are different?

Estate Jewelry Appraisals

Purpose: Used for estate valuation purposes, it is necessary to determine inheritance taxes on individual estates. Fair market value as defined by the IRS is used and a listing of comparable sales is required by law for this type of valuation.

Divorce Settlement/Dissolution Of Marriage (Equitable Distribution)

Purpose: For equitable division of community property, fair market value is used.

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Jewelry Appraisals While You Wait

All appraisals are by appointment. For one or two items an appointment usually take 45 minutes. In most instances, the appraisal is completed and given to you at the end of the appointment.

Each article of jewelry is measured, weighed and described in details, metal content determined and setting described. When we have finished evaluating your jewelry, you will receive an appraisal report to take with you. It includes a digital picture of the item on the appraisal report.

On site, rush, or in-vault jewelry appraisals are available at an additional fee.

Dallas Diamond Appraiser


Do You Know The Actual Worth Of Your Gems?

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There are some very rare and preciously valuable diamonds and gemstones owned by a  few individuals who at best only have a vague idea of their real worth and value in the market. Some individuals acquire some diamonds, gems and pieces of jewelry, passed down to them as family heirlooms. Unfortunately they have next to no idea regarding their market worth (what a willing buyer is prepared to pay) on the basis of their historical importance and gem quality.

The real worth of diamonds, gemstones and jewelry is accurately determined by experts (GIA Graduate Gemologist) who have the required knowledge, experience and expertise within the business and industry. With the knowledge of the real value of a diamond, gemstone or antique piece of jewelry, it becomes easy for the owner to have a clear understanding of the luxury they enjoy and the asset they possess.

Liquidation Appraisal

Liquidation gem appraisal is the method of trying to gauge the real value of a diamond, gem or precious stone, if the owner was to sell it in the current market. The companies which offer services for diamond, gem appraisals and accurate evaluation of the worth of the antique or vintage jewelry also offer the service of accurately estimating the probable cost at which a gemstone can be sold on the market at that point in time.

Liquidation appraisal is named so because it is for the assistance of those owners who want to sell and liquidate their precious diamonds and gems as soon as possible in the market. These appraisal services such as Dallas Jewelry Appraiser, help such individuals to realize and understand the accurate worth of their precious gemstones, before putting them on the market for sale, so that they are not hoodwinked or swindled into settling for a price much less than the real worth of the stones.

An Important Service

The liquidation gem appraisal service is vital for those individuals who might have an urgent need to liquidate their gemstones in order to generate cash. As is usual while meeting emergency needs, people either have to sell their prized possessions at a price much less than their true worth, or are conned to settle for a smaller amount than is their rightful claim.

Liquidation diamond and gem appraisal service providing companies such as Dallas Jewelry Appraiser, serve as expert guides in times of urgent need of individuals who are at their wits end to know the real worth and current value of their valuable in the market.

There might be a difference in the original price of the diamond or gem at which it was bought, and the cash price which it would fetch if it were to be sold immediately on the market. The liquidation appraisal experts understand this difference and estimate the value keeping all related factors in consideration.

Therefore, if you intend to sell a precious diamond or gem in the market and have an emergent need for ready cash, then you should avail the professional expertise of our liquidation appraisal service provider Dallas Jewelry Appraiser.  They can offer you the guidance and expert support you need to make an informed decision, and ensure a sale in which you don’t suffer any significant loss due to a wrong estimate of the gem put up for sale.

Jewelry Repair Services

Constant wearing of jewelry can create issues. Stones fall out, bands wear thin, and your necklace clasp no longer works.

A quick visit to Dallas Jewelry Appraiser can fix these issuesBring your jewelry in to Dallas Jewelry Appraiser so we can clean it professionally. You will experience a night and day result. Your diamonds and jewelry will sparkle and shine like it did when you purchased it.

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Full Service Jewelry Repairs Available:

  • Sizing: Ladies and Gents with Yellow and White Gold, Sterling Silver, Platinum
  • Shanking: FingerFit, SuperFit and Inside Shank Beads
  • Ring Soldering: Sterling Silver, Gold and Platinum for Breaks and Soldering 2 or More Rings Together
  • Finishes: Florentine, Sandblast, Satin Finishes and Rhodium Plating
  • Prong and Tip Work: Repairs and Replacement Including V Prongs as well as Stone Head Replacement
  • Stone Setting: Prong Setting, Channel Setting, Bezel Setting, Pave Setting, Bead Setting, Invisible Setting
  • Stone Tightening/Setting: Rounds, Marquise, Princess and other Fancy Cuts
  • Chain Repair: Soldering Breaks, Clasp Repair, Adding and Removing Links, Fabricating Links, Charm Additions
  • Pearl and Bead Restringing: Knotted and Unknotted, Including Graduated Strands, Sorting and Multiple Strand Pieces
  • Miscellaneous Sterling Silver Repair: Rings, Chain, ID Bracelets, Medical Alert Bracelets
  • Custom Engraving: Inside Rings and Memorable Gifts
  • Watch Repair: Battery, Band, Crystal Replacement and Movement Repairs
  • Complete Jewelry Restoration Services
  • Diamond and Gemstone Polishing and Re-cutting